5 Facts About Dead Sea Body Scrub

If you want to have a healthy, smooth and glowing looking skin there are two basic actions you need to do on a regular basis: exfoliate and moisturize. By using a body scrub you can easily remove dead skin cells and other impurities accumulated in the layers of the skin, followed by a rich moisturizer to help the skin keep its natural balance and stay hydrated.

Using a Dead Sea body scrub has many skin benefits over regular drugstore scrubs. If you are unfamiliar with body scrubs, you should know it is usually made of some sort of grainy substance, salt in the case of dead sea salt scrub, but it can also be made of grinded cocoa beans, apricot seed and many other natural (and sometimes artificial)materials. The quality of the grains is very important for the end result. If the grains are too coarse the scrub might irritate the skin and even hurt it. If the grains are made of synthetic materials they may not cause any damage, yet not offer any benefit to your skin.

So to help you make the right choice for your skin, here are 5 basic facts about Dead Sea salt scrub and its benefits:

    1. Dead Sea Salt Contains Important Minerals- Dead Sea salt contain minerals such as calcium, potassium, magnesium, bromide, sulfur and more. All these minerals are vital for the body, and help with natural process and proper cell function. Magnesium, for instance, is a key component of more than 300 different biochemical reactions that occur in the body. A Dead Sea salt scrub has the ability to infuse all these minerals into the skin, and instantly boost the skin’s condition.


    1. Uses Natural Oils- the salt grains can’t work on their own. The salt must be infused in an oily matter, so the grains can glide easily over the skin is gentle massage motions. A quality Dead Sea salt scrub contains essential oils, and no artificial scents. The essential oils combined with the minerals from the salt are an effective treatment for tiered, dull looking skin.


    1. Promotes Better Blood Circulation- the rubbing and scrubbing motions acts as gentle massage and stimulates the blood flow in those areas. The result is better blood circulation that benefits not only the skin surface, but also the entire body.


    1. Removes Dead Skin Cells- a good scrub is the best way to remove dead skin cells and reveal a new fresh layer of skin. Dead skin cells are the reason for flaky looking skin, uneven patches, breakouts and dryness. Removing the top layer of the skin helps your skin to breath better, look more even and feel smoother.


  1. Offer Deeper Hydration- thanks to the essential oils, the salt scrub infuses the skin with moisture and hydrates the deeper levels of the skin. Try rinsing it off without using any soap, to keep the silky sensation and the wonderful aroma of the oils.

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